Our local offers are designed to help improve services for people who live in our and other landlords properties. They are reviewed with customers every year to make sure they are always relevant to our customers and support our existing customer service standards and performance targets.

You can read more about our current local offers, and see how we performed in comparison to last year’s, in our Annual Report.

This year, we want to:


  • Offer a range of services, advice and training to help customers manage their tenancies successfully and live independently depending on their level of need, including:
    • Money Wise tenancy sustainment services.
    • Independent Living support plans/visits for older people and customers with long term support needs.
    • Supported Living options for people with additional needs.
  • Work with our partners and contractors to create local jobs and training opportunities through our investment and house building programmes.


  • Continue to deliver a programme of external works to improve the energy efficiency and look of our properties.
  • Develop a ‘Right First Time’ approach to repairs jobs which will ensure we deliver a high quality repairs service.
  • Continue to invest in our properties to ensure they are well maintained, structurally sound, secure, and meet the minimum regulatory standards.


  • Provide a range of opportunities for people in our neighbourhoods to be actively engaged in reviewing and scrutinising our services, telling us what their priorities are, and supporting each other through a network of Neighbourhood Representatives.
  • Make sure 70% of customers who report anti-social behaviour agree that our interventions improved the quality of their life.