Our local offers are designed to help improve services for people who live in our and other landlords properties. They are reviewed with customers every year to make sure they are always relevant to our customers and support our existing customer service standards and performance targets.

You can read more about our current local offers, and see how we performed in comparison to last year’s, in our Annual Report.

This year, we want to:

  • Ensure Neighbourhood Action Teams and the Neighbourhood Services Team work to address the priorities set by customers in each of our neighbourhoods. We’ll keep you informed of progress through Neighbourhood News.
  • Make sure 70% of customers who report anti-social behaviour agree our interventions improved the quality of their life and made them feel safer.
  • Deliver the annual Fencing Programme (to be completed by 2015). We plan to replace wooden fencing at the front of your properties with new metal fencing by 2015.
  • Achieve 95% of repairs “jobs done as promised” by focusing on doing it when we say we will, within the timeframe we have agreed, and ensuring you’re satisfied with our service. This is part of our commitment to delivering a high quality repairs service.
  • Agree, and continue to maintain, a standard with customers for their homes which is higher than the Decent Homes Standard, and have a programme in place to meet it.
  • Offer a Passport to Housing training course for new and existing customers who are struggling to learn how to manage a tenancy.
  • Work with the local Credit Union, so they will have a base in our office for customers to access their services with ease.
  • Set aside an annual budget to allow us to complete Aids and Adaptations to our customers’ homes in a timely and cost effective manner.
  • Ensure that, if you live in one of our older people’s properties, your Housing Support Officer will visit you at least once a year to see how things are going. The visits are usually more regular, depending on your need.
  • Support the creation of volunteering opportunities each year.
  • Generate local jobs by ensuring that a minimum of two job opportunities are created for every £1 million we invest in improving our current homes or building new ones.
  • Work with partners to create 80 training/apprenticeship opportunities each year.
  • Hold two Calico Academy training courses each year, teaching residents about the wide range of services we provide, and encouraging them to improve their prospects and become further involved in their communities.
  • Carry out a customer scrutiny review of at least one service each year.