Calico Assure costs from just £6 per week and installation is completely FREE.

The service includes the rental and maintenance of the alarm equipment and 24 hour monitoring from the call centre.

We can also provide extra services to help you stay safe and secure, including keysafes, and smoke alarms.

The minimum length of contract is just 28 days, so it can even be used for short spells such as when you or a family member are recovering from an illness.

For a full list of charges, see below.

Equipment package Weekly cost, no VAT Weekly cost with VAT Monthly cost, no VAT Monthly cost with VAT
Lifeline & pendant £4.98 £5.98 £21.58 £25.90
Lifeline & 2 pendants £5.25 £6.30 £22.75 £27.30
Lifeline & Keysafe £5.83 £7.00 £25.26 £30.32
Lifeline & Smoke Alarm £6.10 £7.32 £26.43 £31.72
Keysafe only £1.02 £4.42
Lifeline & Fall Detector £5.93 £7.12 £25.70 £30.84
Extra Equipment – if required, add the price to relevant option
Fall Detector £0.95 £1.14 £4.12 £4.94
Bogus Alert – suitable for DV and rogue traders £1.35 £1.62 £5.85 £7.02
VAT will be added to the cost unless the customer is registered disabled and the VAT disclaimer is signed. 5% payment charge for payment and debit cards to be manually added to the net cost.