Our Supported Housing services provide accommodation for individuals with learning disabilities and complex needs, and recognises the need to ensure any potential customers understand their rights and responsibilities as a tenant, as well as the legal agreement they are entering into.

How it worked

Tenancy Agreements are complex and can be difficult to understand. This is largely because the law dictates the terms and we cannot change these.

The pictorial guide is made up of pictures and simple text, and sits alongside the legal Tenancy Agreement. The publication was developed in an EasyRead format by Inspired Services, who employ individuals with learning disabilities to help put together and check the document.

How it makes a difference

The guide helps potential, new and existing tenants to better understand their rights and responsibilities. It will be used to explain the Tenancy Agreement prior to sign up, during the sign up process, and will be used as an ongoing tool to aid discussions and explain why certain tasks need to be completed, what they can expect as a tenant, and what we expect of them.

The document will help ensure individuals with complex needs have the opportunity to actively participate in their tenancy.