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Coronavirus (Covid-19) information and updates

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COVID Level: Step 4 - Most legal restrictions to control COVID-19 have been lifted

Welcome to our dedicated Coronavirus page.

This is where you will find regular updates and advice on the coronavirus and our services, including information on the measures we are putting in place to protect our customers and colleagues.

You can find current Government guidance here:

From 16 August 2021, adults who are double vaccinated, and children under 18, no longer need to isolate when in contact with a positive COVID case. You can read more here: 

Updated: 16th August 2021

We are continuing to work safely

Throughout the crisis, we have been focused on delivering the best possible outcomes for all our customers, whilst looking after our people and our business.

Our services have continued to be in high demand but people’s wellbeing remains our number one priority.

So, we are moving forward with our plans to reopen services wherever it is the right thing to do. However, we can only reopen services if we continue to stay safe and take a measured, carefully thought-out approach in the weeks ahead.

Safe working

For the most part, we will be looking to maintain the current arrangements in place over the next few weeks and beyond the 19th July. This will be assessed as we monitor infection rates, vaccination impact and digest any additional guidance that is released.

We want to ensure staff and customers feel safe. We will avoid any major changes to safe working practices until we are confident that the situation is appropriate to do so.

Therefore, safe ways of working will stay in place for the good of customers and staff for the time being.

Our staff will continue to observe social distancing and the use of PPE as they have done over the last year.

We are also maintaining our existing hygiene, cleaning and safety measures. Over the coming weeks, we will also consider our approach around:

  • The Centenary Court Reception area and the use of interview rooms – we know that some interactions have been more challenging without the face-to-face option but we want to ensure we re-introduce this safely
  • Ensuring we support a safe approach to the return of more staff to Centenary Court and being clear on how we think that will work most effectively whilst also allowing flexible working
  • Implications for customer interactions at Valley Street
  • Our approach to cleanliness, PPE and safe methods of work – it feels right to continue as we are for now to give staff and customers comfort even if the rules around this are relaxed – we will update our Risk Assessments to take account of any changes and keep our approach to this under review
  • Workplace guidance and changes to self-isolation rules for ‘close contacts’- we expect more detail on these areas announced this week and will study that when it is released and respond appropriately.

In addition, where we have introduced new ways of supporting our customers, these will stay in place if they have shown that they improve accessibility and choice.

We have developed a number of risk assessments to support us in doing so, which can be found here. 

Thank you

To our customers, colleagues, and partners: thank you once again for all your support, your patience and your continued commitment to helping us deliver the best possible services.


After assessing the recent Government COVID guidelines, our Croft Street reception services in Burnley re-opened on Monday 12th April.

This is open to customers and members of the public from Monday – Friday between 09:00 to 13:00.

You find full details here.


We are continuing to deliver a full repairs service, including catching-up on repairs reported during lockdown. You can report a repair by calling us on 01282 686 300. Click here for more information.

Rent Payments

Rent payments can still be made online or by calling us on 01282 686300 Please tell us if you are experiencing difficulties. For more information on how our Tenancy Sustainment Team can help you click here. 

Finding a Home

We are continuing to process housing applications, viewings and letting our empty homes to new customers as normal. Click here for more information on how to register for one of our homes.

Valley Street: Our Valley Street Community Centre in Burnley is currently closed to the public.

We know that the centre is an important part of our community and provides support for all residents, however, we are doing our very best to keep everyone safe and have to prioritise the health of everyone involved during these uncertain times.

Burnley Together: We’re working with the Council and partner agencies to help people access support. We want to bring together all the people who are helping our community to be safe in the most difficult times so that, if you aren’t sure who to turn to – we’ll know someone who can help.  Call or email seven days a week 01282 686 402 

Evictions: As a not-for-profit organisation rooted in the community, we want to support residents who are facing a tough time because of the pandemic. If you are facing unexpected financial difficulties or would like support to make a new claim for benefits due to change in circumstances, please email or call 01282 686 300.

We will work with our customers on a case-by-case basis to agree the best solution to help with personal circumstances. We have Tenancy Sustainment Officers who can give benefits advice and can support customers to find out if they might qualify for any benefits.

As new information about coronavirus becomes available we’ll continue to update this page, so please keep checking back.

If you have read our additional pages and FAQs and have not found the answer to your question, please call us on 01282 686300.