With Calico, you should expect to move in to a clean house where things work as they should. To make sure this happens, we’ve set standards that your home must meet before you move in.

We’ll make the necessary repairs to the inside and outside of your home, and we’ll make sure your garden’s safe and tidy. Outside, we’ll make sure your roof is watertight, gutters are sound, windows and doors are secure, and paths, handrails, steps, fences, walls, hedges and gates are all safe.

Gardens will be clear, grass areas trimmed, pathways weeded, swept and washed down, and overgrown bushes cut back.

Inside, you’ll get a home where all the major fixtures and fittings are safe and work well. Floors, doors, staircases and handrails will be clean, sound and secure. Your kitchen will be well fitted out.

If you have any problems with your new home, contact us by e-mail or by calling 01282 686300.

For more information, read our Tenants’ Handbook below.