You must sign a tenancy agreement before you move in. This is an important legal document that sets out your rights and responsibilities as a Calico customer. It’s a contract between us and you. You should always have your copy handy – storing it with your Customer Handbook might be a good idea.

All new customers (except those in older people’s housing) have a Starter Tenancy when they join us. This is for a trial period of one year. When that year is up, and everything has run smoothly, you will get an Assured Tenancy.

You are entitled to live in your home for as long as you like. We would only end your tenancy through a court order if you:

  • Don’t pay your rent
  • Don’t look after your home
  • Give us false information
  • Cause a nuisance or harass your neighbours
  • Allow people visiting to cause a nuisance or harass your neighbours
  • Allow criminal acts to take place in your home

We also reserve the right to move you into a different property if we need to carry out major improvements to your home.

Joint tenants have equal rights and responsibilities. Both are responsible for making sure rent is paid and both have the same right to claim housing benefit. Similarly, both have the same right to stay in the property.

If you have any queries about your tenancy, contact us by e-mail, or call 01282 686300.