There are a number of people you will need to notify when you move into your Calico home.

These include:

  • bank/building society
  • doctor
  • dentist
  • council tax office
  • DVLA
  • benefit agencies

You’ll need to give them your new address, including the postcode.

It’s also important that you know where the gas and electric meters are, as well as stop taps and your fuse box.

If you think you could struggle with any of this, our tenancy support service might be able to help. Contact us on 01282 686300 to find out more.


Your rubbish

If you have any queries about your rubbish collection, or if you have any large items for pick-up, contact Burnley Borough Council on 01282 425011.

Remember – the Council is the place to go if you need a wheelie bin. We do not provide them.