Ever thought of swapping homes with someone?

The swapandmove logoCalico has partnered with swapandmove.co.uk to offer tenants an improved, easier-to-use online service to help them swap and move homes.

This new service is for Calico tenants looking to swap homes with other social housing tenants anywhere across the country.  Swaps are available both locally and nationally. Tenants of Calico can use www.swapandmove.co.uk free of charge.

Rather than waiting on a transfer list, tenants can now actively search for the right home for them. Mutual exchange can be a much faster way of finding a new home, and is becoming increasingly popular for both tenants and landlords. It enables landlords to increase the housing options that they offer, while giving tenants access to a larger number of properties.

For more information, visit swapandmove.co.uk