Pennine Community Credit Union (PCCU) is an ethical, not for profit financial co–operative serving its members in the whole of Burnley and Pendle, with a range of affordable savings and loans facilities.

PCCU helps to remove people’s finances from the commercial arena, where profit is the name of the game, back into the community where YOU are the owner and beneficiary.


There are lots of benefits to borrowing with PCCU:

  • Friendly and convenient service.
  • Even if you already have a loan, you can still apply for a top up loan.
  • No admin or settlement fees.
  • From 1% interest per month on the decreasing balance (12.7% APR) – so the interest is always reducing!
  • Free life insurance (subject to rules), so in the event of your untimely death your loan would be paid off.
  • Confidentiality.

Anyone who wishes to take a loan with PCCU should ring the office on the number above to arrange an appointment


Anyone who wants to save, lives or works in Burnley or Pendle and wants to be a part of the success of PCCU can join. Any member can take advantage of the savings and loans opportunities that PCCU offers. Each member has within their own account the opportunity to make use of various sub accounts:

  • Savings – These are long term savings which build up and act as collateral against loans, and there is a minimum saving amount required with loans.
  • Easy Access – These are in and out savings, which are easily accessible. No minimum savings level applies, and there is not a maximum number of withdrawals permitted.
  • Bill Paying – This is an extra savings account which can be used to save up for bills – or whatever you want!
  • Christmas Club – This account enables you to save throughout the year but withdrawals can ONLY be made during November and December. This means that Christmas savings really are just for Christmas
  • Budget Account – a year long account which allows you to estimate bills over the year and break that down into a weekly/monthly payment. We pay the bill whether the account is in credit or not. Members in debit are charged interest, and there is no dividend for credits on this account

For more information about the PCCU and the services they offer, visit their website, call 0800 050 9747, or visit their offices on Centenary Court, Croft Street, Burnley.