Calico Homes is committed to creating successful neighbourhoods which are clean, safe and vibrant places where people are proud to live. One of the ways we do this is through working in partnership with local community groups.

Each group provides a unique set of services depending upon their own neighbourhood’s needs. We are grateful for all the volunteer time that these groups give to our neighbourhoods.

If you’d like to know more about community groups, contact Alicia Foley by emailing or calling 01282 686396.

Palace House and Woodbine Tenants and Residents Association

1 Anglesey Avenue
BB12 6AY

This association has been serving the local community for over a decade. A dedicated team of volunteers helps to raise awarenesss of the support available to residents.

They also support elderly and vulnerable customers and provide valuable opportunities for them to socialise.

They also keep an eye on any enviornmental problems that may occur, manage a local CCTV system, and play a huge part in the delivery of the Gannow Big Local party.

Stonemoor Bottom Residents Association

34 Malvern Avenue
BB12 7DT

This group works in the local area to reduce anti-social behaviour, maintain a clean, safe neighbourhood, and provide a range of opportunities for the families living in the community.

Members of the group liaise with Calico and the Council to address any local issues that may arise. They regularly walk around the area as they deliver the monthly newsletter – this helps them build positivie relationships with local families.

Throughout the year, they arrange a variety of events, including family coach trips during the holidays, an annual bulb planting day, and a Christmas party.

Stoops and Hargher Clough Community Association

Stoops and Hargher Clough Community Centre
Venice Street
BB11 4BA

Stoops and Hargher Clough Community Association is committed to providing a range of activities for local children that they would not otherwise be able to experience.

Activities organised by the group include a free weekly disco, an after school club – offering opportunities for youngsters in the area to learn street dance, drama and sports – and an annual family fun day.

The group also holds a special awards evening to recognise the hard work and commitment of the many dedicated volunteers in the area.

Thursby Gardens Community Action Group

Library Building
Colne Road
BB10 1LL

Based in the north of the town in the old Colne Road Library building, this group provides a variety of support services for all members of the community.

Volunteers are always on-hand to help those who wish to make use of the 26 computer stations with internet access. These are used regularly on a drop-in basis by those seeking employment and making benefit applications.

The group works with Calico and other partners to help maintain a clean and safe environment for local residents, and are particularly proud of their community garden area. Local volunteers are also on-hand to help vulnerable residents with tasks they may struggle with, such as gardening or changing a lightbulb.

There are also a range of opportunities to help reduce social isolation in the area. The weekly bingo afternoon regularly attracts over 40 residents, and a range of themed social evenings take place throughout the year.

Healey Lodge – Home of Rosehill Baptist Church

114 Manchester Road
BB11 4HS

Volunteers provide a range of services for all members of the community at this Rosehill venue. The twice-weekly luncheon club is well attended, and many of those accessing this service see it as a valuable link with the community, and feel they would be lonely without it.

This facility carries out a lot of work to engage with local families. One of the most popular events of the year is the summer event, with a beach and donkey rides.

Healey Lodge is also home to the Basement Project, which offers a range of opportunities for older children and young adults.

Central Briercliffe Road Action Group

Ennismore Street
Community Centre
BB10 3EU

Monthly meetings are key to the success of this group, with a regular cohort of local volunteers coming together to discuss local issues and to work together on resolving them. This group looks out for the vulnerable members of the community, and keeps an eye on their wellbeing, as well as ensuring that the environmental quality of the neighbourhood remains at a high standard.

The group regularly invites speakers to their meetings who can offer services to local people. Their work has resulted in residents having security devices fitted to their windows to deter burglars.

There are also social opportunities throughout the year, including a Christmas Party and quiz and, for those who are housebound in the winter months, a deliver of hot pie and peas is made so they know they are cared for and valued.