Calico is reminding residents experiencing motorcycle nuisance over the summer holidays to report any incidents with their Off-Road Rage campaign.

Off-Road Rage is available for anyone who is suffering from motor or quad nuisance and isn’t sure who to contact.

With the summer holidays well underway, Calico is encouraging any residents who are suffering to visit or call 01282 686358 anonymously and leave a message with:

  • A description of the vehicle
  • The date and time
  • Any other noticeable information.
  • Calico will then take this information to the police or council on the residents’ behalf.

Alicia Foley, Calico’s Community Involvement Advisor, said:

“We know that incidents of motorcycle nuisance tend to increase over the summer holidays, and we would urge anyone experiencing this to report it through our Off-Road Rage campaign, whether on the phone or online.”