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Our People

Our people

The purpose of our Executive and Senior Management Teams is to maintain a balance between strategic aims and operational delivery.

Strategic – Our strategic function is to monitor, review and challenge all corporate services and to change these as appropriate, to ensure improved organisational performance.

Operational – Our operational function is to implement the strategic changes effectively through communication and liaison with staff teams across the organisation.

These two functions will be achieved successfully through a consensual decision making process, strong leadership and considerations for impact on staff morale and performance.

Anthony Duerden

Chief Executive

Twitter: @Calico_Anthony

Helen Thompson

Executive Director – Group Operations

Twitter: @HelenT_Housing

Vicki Howard

Executive Director of Organisational Development

Twitter: @calico_vicki

Stephen Aggett

Executive Director of Group Finance

Twitter: @calico_steve

Mark Beach

Mark Beach

Managing Director: Calico Homes

Alison Leach

Head of Business Assurance: Calico Homes

Alison Leach The Calico Group Head of Business Assurance
Paul Lowe The Calico Group Head of Operations

Paul Lowe

Head of Operations: Calico Homes

Wendy Malone

Director of Development

Dawn Cardwell

Neighbourhood Manager

Alicia Foley

Community Investment Manager

Twitter: @Alicia_Calico

Sharon Graham

Sharon Graham

Customer Experience Manager

Kelly Jackson

Income & Repairs Manager

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