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Planned works

We’re working hard to make sure homes stay warm and safe for the future.

To do this, we’re spending more than £25 million over the next 5 years on our planned works to make homes better.

The planned investment works will target areas identified by customers in a survey of over 1250 tenants.

Our new investment programmes include:

Installing new doors and windows
Works to improve energy efficiency
Treatment for damp, mould & condensation

For the latest news about our improvement works and how we’re investing in our homes and communities, please see our Investment News section.

Investment News




We’ve listened to customers and carried out surveys but know we can always do more.

Please let us know if you have any repairs issues, or concerns.

More information

Ring Stones

The majority of our planned improvement works are delivered by Ring Stones Maintenance and Construction. They will undertake the surveys to help identify any works that are required, and will also complete any agreed works to your home.

We will write to you if they have been asked to survey your home. All Ring Stones Maintenance and Construction staff carry an I.D. card – you should not allow them into your home without checking their I.D. first.

planned works

Before we carry out any work

Before we start work, and wherever appropriate (depending on the type of works to be completed), an open day will be held in your area for you to meet Calico Homes and Ring Stones Maintenance and Construction staff, and to view samples of the materials which will be used on your home. It will also give you the opportunity to raise any concerns or queries you may have.

Starting work

Once the work that is to be carried out at your home has been confirmed, a dedicated customer liaison officer will visit you to confirm when the work will commence.

They will also explain:

  • Any access requirements/arrangements to allow the works to be completed.
  • The effect the improvements will have on your home, both during and after works have been completed
  • The impact on the estate whilst Ring Stones are on site, such as car parking and any site compound requirements.

They will also check if you have any specific requirements with regards to the works taking place, i.e. avoiding working/calling at certain times, particular access requirements, etc.

They will explain what the work will involve, how long it will take, and what they need you to do before works can take place.

A site manager and customer liaison officer will be on site throughout the works to make sure that any problems are dealt with quickly.

The customer liaison officer will visit you regularly whilst they are working on your home to make sure everything is ok. You will also be provided with their contact numbers in case you need to speak to them before their next visit.

The customer liaison officer will also take a note of your details so they can contact you if you are out when they call, or in case of an emergency.

If you have any problems or complaints with the standard of work, or with Ring Stones staff, please make sure you contact us immediately

Completing the work

On completion of the works at your home, we will inspect the improvement(s) to confirm that the work has been done to a satisfactory standard. You will be asked to sign a handover form to confirm that you are happy with the finished work.

The form will also detail any outstanding work that still needs to be completed by Ring Stones. Once all the work has been completed, the customer liaison officer will ask you to complete a short satisfaction survey.

This feedback is important as it helps us to ensure you are happy with the works that we have completed, and highlight any areas where we need to improve our service.

When will work start?

We will write to you to confirm when works should start in your area and, where appropriate (depending on the nature of the works), we will hold an open day in your area to discuss the timescales of the programme.

Ring Stones staff will also visit your home to complete an induction meeting with you before works start. They will discuss the works in detail and inform you of any health and safety requirements you need to be aware of. You will also be able to raise any concerns or questions, or advise us of any specific needs/requirements we may need to be aware of and/or take into consideration whilst works are being completed.

Do I need to be at home?

You will not have to be at home for the external works, but access will be required for any internal works. Convenient appointments will be agreed with you to complete this work.

What if I don’t want the work to be done?

All external works will need to be completed. However, for internal works, we understand that, for various reasons, customers do not want to be disturbed and, although we encourage you to have this work completed for the benefits you will receive, we would ask you to contact us to discuss your concerns with a member of our team.

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