To ensure you get the best service possible, we deal with repairs as follows:

Emergencies – When there is a health and safety risk, or risk of damage to the building – within 24 hours. Our priority is to make the situation safe and secure. Following that, we will make arrangements to complete the repair as normal.

Examples – no power or water; broken doors or windows.

Urgent – When the problem doesn’t pose a health hazard, but does cause major hassle, or is likely to lead to further deterioration of the building – within three working days.

Examples – partial power or water loss.

Routine* – When the problem doesn’t cause too much inconvenience – within 20 working days (unless the repair is major, or part of a long-term programme of planned works).

Examples – repairs to internal joinery; replacement of faulty equipment (i.e. taps).

*Some repairs, such as guttering, footpaths and painting, may be grouped together into a planned maintenance programme. The same applies for any major structural works, such as roofing or building works.

Appointments – For urgent and routine repairs, we will arrange an appointment with you, unless access to your home isn’t necessary. Appointments are usually between 8.45am and 12.30pm, or 12.30pm and 6pm. If you are unavailable, we will see what other arrangements we can make.

We will text you your appointment time. Please make sure your contact numbers are up to date on our system.