We’re committed to providing great customer care and services that meet the needs of everybody. The customer service standards set out below are the minimum key standards we will provide, but we aim to do even better.

These are the main standards of service you should expect from us:

We will always deliver a service that is:

  • Helpful and courteous

When you call us, we will:

  • Answer within six rings
  • Ask if there is “anything else I can help with”
  • Call back when we say we will
  • Use appropriate voicemail messages
  • Respond to messages on the next working day
  • When you write to us, we will:
  • Acknowledge your letter or email within 3 days
  • Respond within 10 days (enquiries and complaints)

When you visit us, we will:

  • See you within 10 minutes

When we come out to see you, we will:

  • Always show our ID badge
  • Leave calling cards with the time, our name and contact number

Whoever you are:

  • No-one will be treated less favourably and we will celebrate diversity

If you need help understanding, we will:

  • Offer our translation services and hearing loops

If you need services tailoring to your individual needs, we will:

  • Provide accessible services for all
  • Print calling cards in large print & on yellow paper
  • Allow sufficient time for you to answer the phone and the door if you have mobility problems
  • Offer same-sex visits wherever possible
  • Offer private interview facilities

Our Response Times


  • Emergency – 24 hours
  • Urgent – Three working days
  • Routine – Within 20 working days

Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)

  • Category A complaints acknowledged with 24 hours
  • Appointment within five days for all complaints
  • Appointment within 24 hours for race/hate crimes
  • Keep complainants advised at all times (fortnightly contact)

Independent Living (Older People’s Service)

  • Visits in accordance with agreed support plans
  • Answer alarm calls within 90 seconds

If you’d like to know more:

Phone: 01282 686300

Write to:

Centenary Court
Croft Street
Lancashire BB11 2ED

Email: contact@calico.org.uk