Our Tree Policy sets out what we will do to manage our tree inventory and what service we will provide when you request any tree work to be done.

We are committed to carrying out a rolling inspection programme of all the trees on our properties.

When you request any kind of tree work, we will carry out an inspection within ten working days and advise you what work we will do.

This requested tree work falls into four categories:

Category A – emergency work that will be carried out immediately.

Category B – work, such as trees affecting your property, will be done within three months.

Category C – work, such as approved pruning work, will be done within six months.

Category D – trees identified as not having any specific need to have any work done. It will be re-inspected within 12 months to see if any work is necessary.

In line with local councils, we will not undertake any work on trees that is requested purely for lack of light reasons, unless it is causing a severe amount of light loss.