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Posted on July 7, 2023

Calico Homes start work as part of 5-year investment plan to improve homes across Burnley and Padiham

Calico Homes have embarked on a planned investment programme which will see £25 million invested in homes across Burnley and Padiham. Work has now started on Coronation and Cardigan Avenue as part of Calico Homes’ 5-year investment plan.

Full-roof replacement work is being carried out on 30 houses/units on Coronation Avenue in a 13-week programme worth over £400,000. This includes essential maintenance on existing solar panels on the properties. The first phase of the Cardigan Avenue renovation work is ongoing with 38 houses having windows replaced totaling over £169,000. The second phase of work will take place at Girvan Grove and Windermere Avenue.

Further investment work is to be carried out throughout 2023 in various areas in Burnley and Padiham with work being carried out on; external doors, bathrooms, windows, kitchens, boilers and roof coverings.

A survey, in which customers identified areas that needed targeting, has determined how Calico Homes will invest over £25 million in the next 5 years. Calico Homes has identified the need to improve the energy efficiency of customers’ homes to provide warmer and safer houses for residents.

Wendy Malone, Director of Property at Calico Homes; ‘We are delighted to have got underway with improvements to our customers’ homes as part of our 5-year investment plan.

We identified what type of work needed targeting in our homes after feedback from our customers, including improving the energy efficiency of homes in a time of an energy crisis, which will be carried out as part of our first programme at Coronation Avenue.

Along with our new corporate plan and customer strategy, we are continuing to ensure that customers are at the forefront of decision making and that there is continued investment in our communities.’

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