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What we do as a business, how we invest our money, and how we perform is determined by our Board.

The Board consists of eleven members. Between them, our Board add many years of skills, experience and insight to our business. They meet every six weeks.

Board members

Bill Lacey

Bill is Chair of the Board and his experience of working in the social housing sector spans over 45 years. Not only that, Bill brings with him more than 30 years’ experience as a board member with many organisations, offering a vast understating of issues such as homelessness, wellbeing services for vulnerable people, community development and tenant engagement.

Tim Patel

Vice Chair Tim is an avid aviation enthusiast who has flown through his career in housing, gaining vital knowledge and experience in tenancy sustainment, income and EDI along the way. Passionate about people and development, Tim is inspired to be able to play a small part in the success of the organisation, and to make a real difference to Burnley and Lancashire as a whole.

Sarah Roberts

As passionate about social housing as she is about Manchester City FC, Sarah brings a wide range of knowledge and experience to the board. Committed to making a real difference to people’s lives through her role, Sarah champions her financial expertise and risk assessment skills, which she’s mastered throughout her 35 year accountancy career.

Rachael Kaminski

Rachael is motivated to contribute towards Calico’s work to improve peoples’ lives, sharing her extensive knowledge of housing operations, policy and best practice to help guide the organisation. Health, social housing, social care, equality and inclusion are all high up on her list of passions, along with nature and travel.

Paula Robinson

A housing professional with 30 years of social housing experience across the north west, Paula was initially attracted to join the board because of Calico’s innovative and inclusive community focus. Passionate about providing excellent services shaped to the needs of customers, she aims to use her experience to provide effective working partnerships with a strong customer focus.

Claire Bradley

Claire is a town planner with more 30 years’ experience in both local government and the private sector. Specialising in regeneration and development, she’s worked for Burnley Borough Council and West Lancashire Borough Council, gaining plenty of local knowledge throughout her career journey. In addition, Claire was a Calico Homes tenant for over 20 years, bringing a genuine understanding of customer needs to to the board.

Vincent Roche

Vinny is an experienced social housing leader who wants to be part of making Calico as good as it can be. Passionate about people and doing the right thing, Vincent wanted to be a part of Calico to support customers to have a better home and life – as we’re ‘small enough to know our customers and big enough to make a difference’.

Ged Gallagher

Ged brings more than 33 years of experience in housing to the table. As a self-confessed listener, he believes in working in partnership with residents, other agencies and key stakeholders to fully understand issues that people are facing. Having managed housing services across the length and breadth of Greater Manchester and Lancashire, Ged has great local knowledge and strives to use affordable housing as a foundation for individuals and families to flourish and realise their potential.

Latif Patel

Driven by a steadfast commitment to uplifting communities and making a difference in the lives of individuals facing social challenges, Latif has enjoyed a career in the housing sector for over two decades. Dedicated to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI), Latif believes every individual deserves a safe, affordable home and the opportunity to achieve their full potential. He works tirelessly to ensure that the Calico Group not only provides homes, but also nurtures thriving, resilient communities.

Vicki Cooper

As a Corporate Member of the Chartered Institute of Housing and an experienced development and strategic asset management professional, Vicki brings over 35 years of experience to the board. Working in the north throughout her career, she’s passionate about good quality affordable housing and making a real difference to people’s lives through associated services.

Dario Leone

Burnley born and bred, Dario has always lived close to Calico’s neighbourhoods. Having worked in social housing for nearly 14 years in repairs, operational and management roles, Dario has tons of local knowledge and a passion for Burnley – he’s a self-confessed stickler for budgets too.

Are you interested in joining our board?

To contact a member of our Board or to view their Declaration of Interest, please contact the Governance Team.
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