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Stair lift safety

Stair lift safety


Installing a stair lift means you can have the flexibility to safely and easily move between the different floors of your home without the help of a carer, friend, or family member. Stair lifts only travel between 0.16-0.34mph and come with a seat belt and arm rests, offering peace of mind for you in your home. Below, we’ve outlined some stair lift safety tips and our responsibilities.

Safety advice

  • Your staircase needs to have a minimum width of 750mm in order for you to sit comfortably on the seat, as well as to allow people to safely pass in case of an emergency.
  • Ensure that nobody else is on the stairs at the same time as you, pets included.
  • Always use the seat belt and arm rests provided when using your stair lift.
  • Ensure you keep up with maintenance and servicing.

Find out more at Age Concern UK.

Our responsibilities:

  • We service stair lifts for customers, even though regulations typically only apply to stair lifts used as work equipment by employees.
  • Lifting equipment and accessories used for lifting people should undergo thorough examinations every 6 months. All other lifting equipment should have thorough examinations every 12 months.
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