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Customer Survey – about your needs

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be carrying out a short survey to make sure we have the right information for our customers. This survey will be by email or by phone. To find out more click here.

Calico In Your Neighbourhood

Calico In Your Neighbourhood

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do

We’ll be making frequent visits to all of our neighbourhoods and inviting you to tell us about any issues you may be having, or anything you think we’re doing well. You’ll also have the chance to get to know the faces behind the teams, learn about the work we’re doing in your area, and help us to build a better service.

Calico Homes and Burnley Council team up to clear 20 tonnes of waste

Our community investment team vision

Working together to humanise our communities, using a person-led, positive, and purposeful approach to develop social transformation. Strengthening and building more connecting and interactive, asset-based communities, which excludes no-one. Through co-creation, customer will lead on decision-making, including shaping how services are delivered and how funding is allocated.

The next 12 months

Over the next 12 months we’re changing our approach to how we deliver our Calico in Your Neighbourhood sessions. We’re planning to spend time in our communities, getting to know our customers.

We want to work with you and other community members and partners to develop successful and sustainable communities. We want to connect people, with a view to reducing isolation and loneliness and to build more interactive communities, where individuals get to know each other and know where to go to get the support that they need.

We plan to organise some fun family activities during the summer months and would like our customers to be more involved in developing our community offer. We commit to two sessions per year in each of our communities.

Station Road Phase 3 Calico Homes Resident and Neighbourhood Team. png

When are we in your neighbourhood next?

Here’s our latest timetable of upcoming events in your community. Just so you know, these dates and times might change – this is usually due to bad weather!


Team Dates & Times 1st Session Dates & Times 2nd Session
Griffin and Barclay Hills   Tues 5th Mar 09:30-12:30 Mon 24th June 12:30-15:30
Belvedere Mon 11th Mar 12:30-15:30 Tues 9th July 09:30-12:30
Brunshaw inc Worsthorne and Cliviger Wed 13th Mar 09:30-12:30 Thurs 11th July 12:30-15:30
Springfield Bank/Oxford Rd/Burnley Wood Mon 18th Mar 09:30-12:30 Tues 17th Sept 12:30-15:30
Stonemoor Bottom/St Johns Wed 20th Mar 12:30-15:30 Thurs 19th Sept 09:30-12:30
Casterton/Lanehead Tues 9th April 09:30-12:30 Mon 19th Aug 12:30-15:30
Clifton Farm Thur 11th April 12:30-15:30 Wed 21st Aug 09:30-12:30
Eastern Estate and Barden Wed 17th April 09:30-12:30 Thurs 22nd Aug 12:30-15:30
Slade Lane and Garden Street Thurs 18th April 12:30-15:30 Wed 3rd July 09:30-12:30
Rossendale Tues 23rd April 09:30-12:30 Mon 5th Aug 12:30-15:30
Rosehill Thurs 25th April 12:30-15:30 Wed 7th Aug 09:30-12:30
Hargher Clough Mon 13th May 12:30-15:30 Tues 24th Sept 09:30-12:30
Kibble bank/Briercliffe Wed 15th May 09:30-12:30 Thurs 26th Sept 12:30-15:30
Stoops and Plane Tree Mon 20th May 12:30-15:30 Tues 1st Oct 09:30-12:30
Turf Moor Wed 22nd May 09:30-12:30 Thurs 3rd Oct 12:30-15:30
New palace house/Palace house/Woodbine Tues 11th June 12:30-15:30 Mon 14th Oct 09:30-12:30
Pendle Thurs 13th June 09:30-12:30 Wed 16th Oct 12:30-15:30
Abingdon and Whitegate Wed 26th June 09:30-12:30 Thurs 24th Oct 12:30-15:30
Ribble Valley Mon 1st July 12:30-15:30 Tues 8th Oct 09:30-12:30
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