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Fire safety

Fire safety

We’re committed to fire safety and keeping everyone safe in your homes

A fire can occur at any time, without warning. That’s why we want to promote fire safety awareness and draw attention to the risks of house fires. With everyday activities such as cooking, smoking and heating playing a role in hundreds of house fires a year, it’s essential to raise awareness.

Simple steps to reduce the risk of fire in your home:

    • Plan and practice an escape route with your family so everyone knows what to do in case of a fire.
    • Keep doors closed to prevent smoke and fire from spreading quickly.
    • Ensure that escape routes are clear of obstacles for easy exit.
    • Test your smoke alarm weekly to ensure it’s work properly. If it’s not, call us on 01282 686300.

Read more fire safety at home tips from Lancashire Fire & Rescue.

If a fire breaks out in your home or smoke alarm sounds, you should:

    • Leave immediately: If you hear the smoke alarm or discover a fire, evacuate your home immediately. Do not waste time finding the source of the fire or gathering belongings.
    • Alert others: Alert other household members and neighbours about the fire.
    • Close doors: Close all doors behind you as you leave. This can help contact the fire and prevent it from spreading.
    • Cover your mouth: If there is smoke, cover your mouth and nose with a close or clothing to avoiding inhaling smoke.
    • Dial 999: Once you are safely outside, dial 999.
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