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Posted on July 18, 2022

Our new Community Safety team launches ahead of ASB Awareness Week.

Calico Homes has formed a new Community Safety team which will be responsible for dealing with and aiming to prevent Antisocial Behaviour, Hate Crime and Domestic Abuse in Burnley.

The new team launches ahead of ASB Awareness Week 2022. Set up by community safety group Resolve, the awareness week runs from 18-22 July and aims to raise public knowledge of powers to tackle antisocial behaviour.

Our Community Safety Team adopt a harm centred approach by using early intervention techniques but also legal interventions where necessary. Our team will be working very closely with partner agencies, such as Lancashire Constabulary, Burnley Borough Council and local support agencies to provide a successful service that has a positive impact on our communities.

Our Community Safety Team consists of:

  • Thomas Guerin – Community Safety Coordinator
  • Alex Tattersall – Community Safety Officer
  • Adam Gordon – Community Safety Officer
  • Lyndsey Blades – Community Safety Officer

The team have already seen success in the early weeks of its launch. Two residents had been experiencing similar antisocial behaviour issues.

The Community Safety Team were able to stop the reported Antisocial Behaviour in this case. Both residents are delighted with the way things have turned out and have been able to connect with each other over the issues they have faced. One of the residents told the team how much the work had impacted their life and how for the first time in 10 months they had felt a part of the community.

If you are subject to serious, harmful or unreasonable behaviour, we want you to contact us. You can call 01282 686 300 or make a report online after signing into your Calico Homes account. Your report can be treated anonymously unless agreed otherwise.  You can find out more here:



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