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Posted on August 15, 2016

Calico Homes saves essential services for older people


Calico Homes has managed to preserve essential services it delivers to thousands of its older customers, despite significant funding cuts.

Through a process of efficiencies, restructuring and streamlining over the past few years, Calico has committed to ensuring that its 1,500 customers who receive support from its Older People’s Service will not be affected by Lancashire County Council’s planned cuts, and will continue to receive the same high level of support.

Calico Homes has also ensured that there will be no redundancies as a result of the funding cuts, which will come into force in April 2017.

Calico’s Independent Living service delivers housing, support, emergency alarms and a whole range of activities designed to improve residents’ quality of life and promote independent living.

Kate Heelas, Calico’s Independent Living service manager, said:

“Everybody at Calico Homes involved in the delivery of support for older tenants has worked really hard over the past few years, planning ahead to create efficiencies that will prevent services for older and vulnerable people from being cut.

“These are difficult financial times, so we knew we had to dig deeper to ensure some of the most vulnerable people in our society weren’t adversely affected, and they could still be supported to live as independently and fully as possible.”

For more information about Calico’s Independent Living service, visit or call 01282 686300.

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