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Posted on November 13, 2015

200 Calico properties to benefit from solar panel programme

Calico has announced a programme of work to install solar PV panels to approximately 200 of their properties, saving customers between 20% and 25% on their electricity use.

The work, which will be completed by Forrest and Ring Stones Maintenance and Construction, will be completed by mid-December.

The programme will provide the not-for-profit organisation with additional income, which will be reinvested further into their properties.

Speaking about the benefits of the programme, Lisa Bell, Calico’s Property Services Manager, said:

“This is a very exciting opportunity for Calico and our customers, who will benefit greatly from reduced electricity bills, leaving more money in their pockets.

“Following an assessment of all our homes, we identified those 200 properties that would most benefit and be most suitable for this trial project ahead of changes to government funding in January.

“Once this trial is complete, we will continue to monitor the benefits of the programme to see whether it would be applicable elsewhere.”

For more information about the programme, contact Calico on 01282 686300.

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