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Posted on February 21, 2024

Burnley organisations unite to clear 20 tonnes of waste from estate

Residents in the Griffin Estate and Barclay Hills areas of Burnley have benefitted from a targeted and intensive deep clean of their estates as part of wider efforts to tackle littering and fly tipping, as well as improving the quality of life for local residents.

A 28-strong team from Calico Homes, Burnley Council and the Community Payback scheme collected 20 tonnes of waste in a day-long clean-up operation in response to concerns raised by residents.

Calico Homes and Burnley Council staff also spoke with residents to offer extra support and waste equipment, with a positive response and requests for support.

Burnley Council’s greenspaces team maintains the land and will continue to monitor the situation.

The Government have recently introduced bigger fines for littering and fly tipping meaning those offending face tougher consequences with fines of up to £1000 for fly tipping. Burnley Council will continue to investigate incidents of harming to public spaces.

Dawn Cardwell, Head of Neighbourhoods at Calico Homes said; ‘Thank you to everyone involved in the clean-up which has resulted in a significant improvement in this neighbourhood.

We are committed to working with residents and Burnley Borough Council to ensure that our open spaces remain clean and free from litter and rubbish so that people who live there can enjoy them. Fly-tipping is a crime, so we encourage our residents to please report this if they see it.’

Councillor Jack Launer, Burnley Council’s executive member for health, culture and wellbeing, said: “Thanks to all the hard work of the clean-up team they’ve made a massive difference to the estates.

“We will continue to work with Calico to support the residents to try and ensure they see a reduction in littering and fly-tipping which is a blight on their community. There’s no excuse for it and both the council and Calico will take tough action against those responsible. We need the residents’ support in making the area they live a better place.”

Residents can report issues with fly tipping in their area here:


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