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Posted on November 22, 2016

Calico Homes announces new Chair of the Board

Calico Homes is pleased to announce that John Inglesfield has been appointed as their new Chair of the Board.

As Head of Social Housing Lending at Yorkshire Building Society, John brings significant and extensive knowledge, including housing management, development, financial and management.

John also brings with him a wealth of diverse skills and experience to help the Board make informed decisions, and identify opportunities which will make a difference to people’s lives and continue to make Calico a financially strong company which is competitive.

John has been a Board Member since 2011, and is also a member of Calico’s Group Audit Committee.

John said:

“I am very pleased and proud to take up the role of chair of Calico Homes, and hope to contribute to our continued growth and success in the coming years.”

The Calico Homes Board comprises of nine members – eight independents and one tenant – and aims to provide value to the company’s customers and other stakeholders.

For more information, visit or call 01282 686300.

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