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Posted on March 7, 2019

Calico Homes Board Approves Further Investment of £2.8m for Burnley Empty Homes Initiative

After two successful pilot schemes to date, the Calico Homes Board has approved a further investment of £2.8m into refurbishing empty homes in Burnley.

The collaboration between The Calico Group, Burnley Borough Council and Ring Stones Maintenance and Construction is supported by Homes England and will enable the team to turn long-term empty properties into much needed homes whilst investing in the local community.

More than 30 homes will be delivered in 2019/20 in an area where the poor condition of the properties is currently detracting from the desirability of other buildings in the neighbourhood and are at risk of attracting anti-social behaviour if left in disrepair.

The intention is that the scheme will also create local job and apprenticeship opportunities with Ring Stones Maintenance and Construction.

Lisa Bell, Calico Homes Development Manager, said:

“This is a really exciting opportunity to bring back to a life an area where properties are currently being neglected whilst creating job opportunities for the local community.

“Calico Homes, Burnley Borough Council and Ring Stones Maintenance and Construction want to work with landlords and existing residents to make the scheme successful.”

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