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Posted on February 12, 2024

Getting to know the Calico Complaints Scrutiny Panel

Last year, we created the Complaints Scrutiny Panel, because we believe in always getting better and being open about what we do. Following the promise of ‘Your Voices, Our Commitment’, we want to make sure your experiences and feedback make a difference.

So, who’s on the team?

Our diverse panel is made up of Calico customers, including Adrian, our friendly chair who knows a tonne about housing laws. He lives in one of our homes and brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.

Meet Claire, our Customer Board Member. She’s got the lowdown on local council planning and knows all the ins and outs of Calico’s policies.

We’ve also got Emmy, who’s been part of the Calico family for eight years, both as a resident and a colleague. Emmy’s got the inside scoop on what goes on behind the scenes.

Then there’s Christina, our expert in Supported living and contact centre magic. With experience in Independent Living too, she’s got the full picture of what it’s like to interact with Calico.

And don’t forget Chris, our community champ! She’s out there working with businesses around Calico, making sure your voice is heard in projects like Dovestone Gardens and our Community Engagement Network (CEN).

Tim, a Calico veteran for over 30 years, is not just a customer – he’s a community superhero! You might even catch him playing Father Christmas during the festive season for local kids.

Last, but definitely not least, Jan, our newest team member, is rocking it in one of our sheltered schemes. She’s all about teaming up with Calico to make things even better for everyone.

Together, each member of the panel, with their own stories and community spirit, is here to make sure Calico listens to you. We’re all about inclusivity, improvement, and making sure you’re satisfied. Your voices matter, and we’re excited to keep making Calico better with your input!

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