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Posted on February 18, 2020

New Woodland Pathway Provides Greener School Route for Padiham Pupils

Padiham School Calico Homes 3
Mr Dixon, Head Teacher at Padiham Green, Clive Durkin, Development Project Officer at Calico Homes, pupils Lola (8), Oliver (8), Hollie (9) and Isaac (5

A local primary school is benefiting from the creation of a new woodland pathway to help ease traffic congestion at the school gates, thanks to our team.

Pupils at Padiham Green Primary School were actively involved in the entire design process and have worked closely with us and architects to utilise the previously unused woodland area by developing a green route to the school.

It officially opened to the pupils last week and is hoped to encourage the school children and parents to opt for a convenient, healthier option rather than driving to the school from the nearby New Calder Green estate, built by our team.

By taking a short walk through beautiful woodland on their way to school and back, pupils have the chance to enjoy a stroll in a safe, natural environment and help improve their wellbeing in the process.

We also provided funding to upgrade fencing and a gate on the pathway, which is locked at night time to help keep the general area secure and safe.

Feedback from pupils has been positive so far, with Lola (8) saying: “It’s helpful for my mum before school”. Oliver (8) said: “It helps us get to the swimming pool really quickly!”.

Wendy Malone, Assistant Director of Neighbourhood Growth at Calico Homes, said: “The new path is a great example of us working with our community partners whilst at the same time promoting our company values of collaboration, well being and doing the right thing.”

Mr Dixon, Head Teacher at Padiham Green Primary School said: “Our new greenway path now provides a safe, off road route to school for all our children. Once they get onto the greenway from their homes, our families can walk, run or cycle all the way here.

“This is great for everyone’s health and fitness if people start to use it and it’s great for the environment too by both reducing traffic on the roads and the emissions they create. We are all trying to do our little bit. Huge thanks to Calico Homes for developing this access for us.”

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