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Posted on June 16, 2022

Our ‘In Your Neighbourhood’ Team Would Like to Thank the Efforts of Our Residents

Our ‘Calico In Your Neighbourhood’ team have been out and about over the past few months in neighbourhoods across Burnley and Pendle.

This week, the team was out in Slade Lane and Garden Street. Our officers were delighted to see the care residents had taken in the area. Gardens were in immaculate condition, showing the brilliant effort of residents in creating a positive environment in the neighbourhood.

When moving into one of our homes, gardens are left in a manageable state for residents. If this is not the case, our Grounds Maintenance team will attend to ensure that the lawn is left in a manageable state for you to maintain in the future.

We are delighted to see the great condition of gardens across our neighbourhoods. Thank you to our residents.

Slater Lane and Garden Street Slater Lane and Garden Street

Slater Lane and Garden Street

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