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Posted on November 9, 2022

We are investing £5.6 million on improvements to customers’ homes.

Calico Homes are investing £5.6 million to improve the standards of our customers’ homes as part of our new investment programmes. £3.5 million will also be spent on day-to-day repairs to houses in Calico Homes’ communities within Burnley.

Helen Thompson, Executive Director of Operations at The Calico Group said; ‘Our customers tell us their number one priority is a good quality home. It is vital to us to have an investment programme in which each year we have planned programmes to improve properties as they age and experience wear and tear.’

‘Our aim is to make sure all our customers are happy with the home they live in and choose to stay in our homes for a long time.’

Projects for our investment programme are underway with work having been completed on 11 homes on Cog Lane in Burnley.  In a project worth £75,000, customers had their doors and windows replaced and were able to choose the style and colour. Work started on the 20th June and was finished by the end of July.

Work has also been completed on 30 properties on Sycamore Avenue in an initiative worth £260,000. Calico’s contractor, Ring Stones have been working on roofs, gutters, chimneys and lofts.

Calico Homes have more work in the pipeline under their investment programme with two more projects underway at New Palace House and Anglesy Avenue Flats in a bid to improve the quality of homes and make a difference to customers’ lives in their neighbourhoods.

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