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Making improvements

You have the right to make certain improvements to your home, but you just need to check with us before you carry out any work.

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Once you request permission, a member of the Repairs Team will complete a pre and post visit. Any decision that is made will be communicated to you and followed up with written confirmation.

If permission is granted, Calico Homes always ask that you use qualified professionals for any home improvements that you intend to carry out.

We’ll only refuse if the work you have planned would make your home less safe, or reduce the value of the property.

If you continue with any improvement work without our permission, Calico Homes can get you to put the property back to its original condition at your own cost.

Making improvements to your home

For some work, we’ll visit your home to check that any alterations have been completed to appropriate standards. In some cases, you may also need to get planning permission, or make sure your plans satisfy building regulations. We’ll let you know if that’s the case when we see your proposals.

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