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Posted on March 23, 2018

Calico Homes looking to buy empty homes to bring them back to life

Calico Homes has launched a pilot project to buy a number of empty properties across Burnley, breathing new life into a number of empty homes where communities will most benefit.

Calico Homes are in the process of buying 10 properties within Burnley that have been empty to start renovation works.

Calico is funding the work with grants from Homes England, and work on the purchased empty properties will be carried out by Ring Stones Maintenance and Construction.

Leanne Smithson, Contracts Co-ordinator, said:

“We’re really excited to start work on this project. It will not only go some way to resolving the issue of empty homes in our region, but will also improve the conditions of the properties, reduce anti-social behaviour, clear eyesores across the town, and provide good quality homes for rent for people in Burnley.

“If successful, we hope to use this project to create employment opportunities in the near future. We are on the lookout for any other empty properties in the area so, if you have a property you’re interested in selling, please give us a call.“

To get in touch regarding the empty homes initiative, call Maggie Baker on 01282 686389.