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Customer Survey – about your needs

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be carrying out a short survey to make sure we have the right information for our customers. This survey will be by email or by phone. To find out more click here.

Your responsibilities

We want to make sure your home is a safe and enjoyable place for you to live.

Whilst we’re here to assist with repairs and improvements you need, some jobs are your responsibility as a customer. Whether they are indoors or outdoors, you should carry out any of the following if you are able, or seek a qualified tradesperson.


  • Bath panel
  • Bathroom fixtures such as toilet seats, bathroom cabinets,
    mirrors, towel rails, shower curtains and toilet roll holders

Ceilings, walls and floors

  • Filling plaster cracks e.g. cracks and small holes
  • All decoration
  • Extensive or major plastering works for cosmetic or painted finish purposes
  • Loose floor coverings and fitted carpets


  • Security lighting (unless installed by Calico)
  • Street lighting is the responsibility of Burnley Borough Council/ LCC – if there’s a problem, you need to report it
  • Cookers and other appliances
  • Disconnection and re-connection of cookers
  • Domestic appliances installation and repair of washing machines, cookers, fridges etc.
  • Electric meter and supply of electricity (through your energy provider)
  • Repair/replacement of light bulbs/fluorescent tubes/starter and security bulbs
  • Re-setting trip switches
  • TV aerials and satellite dishes

Garages, sheds, and outbuildings

  • Repairs on outbuildings and roofs not connected to the home
  • Gaining entry/providing a new lock and keys – when customer has lost keys

Gardens and boundaries

  • Garden maintenance such as lawns, dustbins and refuse
  • Television aerials and satellite dishes (we maintain those in
    communal areas)

Heating and insulation

  • Customers to ensure that their home is adequately heated and has ventilation so to minimise condensation


  • Screwing a cupboard door/drawer front back on
  • Replacing/repairing cupboard door catches, handles and hinges


  • Clearing blockages in toilets, sinks, bath/hand basin waste pipes and shower wastes
  • Replacement or repairs of toilet seats
  • Replacing plugs and chains
  • Replacement shower heads and hoses
  • Plumbing in washing machines, dishwashers and other such appliances

External doors

  • Gaining entry/providing a new lock and keys – when customer has lost keys

If you have difficulty

Most of these jobs should be fairly easy, but it’s important to let us know if you are struggling or have any particular difficulties, such as a disability.

We will take your specific needs into account wherever you need extra help.

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